The Pod Files - Friday October 28 2022


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(Notes spoken to Siri, and edited later if I remember)

Undiscovered entrepreneur - DJ Skoob chats with 20 year entrepreneur Cliff Ravenscraft. Started podcasting in 2005. The Thomas Theory. The transmission podcast. His first podcast was the show generally speaking. nine months into podcasting he was able to resign from his job, and live from podcasting! He’s paid over 40 podcast shows and in that he has created over 4000 episodes! Zonal genius. 

DIY For Business - (0:45) episode 72: October 27 2022: Greg and Russ chat with Chris Castenes, the author of You're Going to be Great at This, A Sales Memoir. He’s also the President of Surf Financial Brokers. Greg has his “groove on.” Russ loves the work space that he has at home. Make sure that your head is in the right space to listen when working in sales, and to respond accordingly. Setting parameters. “There is a fine line between annoying and persistent.” 

Sleigh Bells And Mistletoe (on Spotify) - (0:14) July 18 2019: SBMX Christmas In July shopping steals and deals. Hosts Rikki Merve is joined by Jenna Francis Seals from to look at the issue of people taking advantage of cheaper prices in July, and the many Christmas sales at that time of year. Mary Richards then gives details of films coming onto different tv and streaming platforms all about Christmas. 

Christmas Past - (0:15) October 3 2022: Brian welcomes us to the first episode of the seventh season of the show. This episode he reads the story Mr Dog’s Christmas At The Hollow Tree Inn. Brian gives us the background of the story, and the memories from listener Betsy Kortis, who heard it back in the day, and decided to republish it with illustrations, as it was in the public domain. 

The Walk The Line Podcast - (0:01) November 19 2019: intro trailer with Ryan Walker telling us about this show where he speaks with people about their story, no matter what it’s about. 

Phase Zero - (0:49) season 2 episode 42: October 27 2022: their third episode in a week! Brandon, Jamie, Aaron and Jenna are back for more talk about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The entire second half of the show is about casting” - hot damn! Brandon and Aaron have been to the premiere of Black Panther Wakanda Forever. “Dagger redemption for Jamie Jirak.” Brandon is having trouble with his signal around thirteen minutes into the episode.  Scheduling changes for films. James Gunn announced as co-CEO for DC Films. Rumours about Silver Surfer and Nova from My Cosmic Circus, who have been right before. After the break there is casting and production news. Harrison Ford to replace the late William Hurt as General Thaddeus Ross. Florence Pugh will be in Thunderbolts and another Marvel property. Sacha Baron Cohen casting rumour. Marvel Studios talking with Adam Driver? Agatha Coven Of Chaps starts filming December 5th. 

Daily Dad Jokes - (0:05) October 28 2022 

Vintage Rock Pod - (0:03) October 27 2022: Paul looks at events and celebrity birthdays from this day in . The main topic today is the Big Country album Steeltown, which hit number one on this day in 1984. Paul chats with guitarist Bruce Watson. 

This Goose Is Cooked - (0:08) episode 349: October 27 2022: We keep Halloween Week rolling as we review the eerie book "Creepy Carrots!" by Aaron Reynolds.

Composer’s Datebook- (0:02) October 28 2022: “Haunted Blue” by Jeremy Walker. 

Merriam Webster’s Word of The Day - (0:02) October 27 2022: defile 

Deleted Saves - (0:17) October 26 2022: Phil looks at the 2016 PC game Darkest Dungeon, a rogue lite game. 

The Comfortable Spot - (0:53) April 24 2022: Ken is joined by Matt Kaplan, host of Planetay Radio, a show that takes about space exploration produced by the Planetary Society. Great question about the Russian Space Agency with what’s going on with Ukraine. 

The Daily Quiz Show - (0:06) October 26 2022: music 

Curious Creatures - (0:02) season one trailer: trailer for a show about Siouxsie And The Banshees presented by Budgie from The Banshees and Lol from The Cure discuss events from their different bands’ histories, and include chats with occasional guests. 

The Slowdown - (0:07) episode 794: October 28 2022: Today’s poem is High Fidelity by Tara Betts.

Daily Shower Thoughts - (0:05) October 26 2022 

Womanica - (0:03) Behind The Scenes: July 5 2019: presenter Jenny Kaplan and producer/sister Liz Kaplan talk about the history of the show, and how it is made.

Create Magic - (0:04) episode 66: June 11 2022: Life is better with doughnuts “Axolotl friend reminding you that donuts are the best. Hope y'all are having a super fun weekend. Enjoy the silly side of life! “

Naked Scientists In Short - (0:07) episode 891: October 13 2021: New painkiller - local and long-lasting relief 

Sanjida Sayz - (0:08) April 25 2021: Why do our career choices change from kids to adults? “We all go through so much in our lives but I feel like we don't acknowledge the changes and the reasons behind them. IG: sanjidasayz “ 

TEDx Shorts - (0:05) September 10 2022: America’s forced marriage problem 

Naked Scientists: Question of the Week - (0:05) episode 493: December 14 2021: why do ant bites hurt so much? 

Daily Dad Jokes - (0:06) October 29 2022 


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